Judith K. Moore
The Cosmic Messenger
Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha



Judith K. Moore

Greetings and Welcome to a personal journey beyond the veil.

The Time of the Great Awakening is at hand, you have agreed to incarnate at this time to participate in the Birth of a New Creation, the Awakening of Heaven on Earth. All of Earth and All of Humanity is Ascending. The Prophecies have foretold massive earth changes, which are being averted by the awakening of the great light and raising the vibrations of the planet.  Remember love has a higher electro-magnetic vibration than fear.

Always think LOVE.

Every single being has a place in Creation and a calling to serve the Divine Plan for Humanity and Earth at this time. I will help you awaken this deep memory within your DNA. You may notice that your life becomes even more synchronistic and observe signs of becoming a fully awakened human. The principles of this site support World Peace, Unity through Diversity, and Sovereignty for all of Humanity. It is our belief that every single souls is moving into their greater light presence.

Always remember the truth lies within your heart source of wisdom.  The Universe supports your ascension journey this website facilitates your awakening.

The power of the Faith of the Mustard Seed is within you and it is this faith that will guide you through these times of transformation.