Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha


The following is a glossary of terminology used within the Records of Creation website. Some definitions perhaps require for further explanation, but the greatness and the colossal riches of the cosmos cannot be described and so much less be explained in one little book. Also please keep in mind that for much of the cosmos there simply exist no words in languages on Earth.

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Term Definition
Adam Kadmon Children of the Light who have evolved past the 3D body and have activated their lightbodies
Adam Kadmon blueprint A God code or blueprint for the fully evolved human DNA
Akashic Records The archives of the soul. Higher Akashic records contain the divine agreement of the soul's cycle of incarnations, lower akashic records carry distortions from traumatic experiences in past lives in which a soul developed a belief system of victimization, allowing manipulation of the soul's plan by discordant energies
Akhenaton Pharaoh
Alchemy (alchemical) Ancient mystical art of transformation of mass and matter on a spiritual level. Divine Alchemy prepares energy fields for the ascension of form into resonance on a higher plane of consciousness.
Altered state of consciousness Trance state from which an individual can enter other dimensions.
Anunnaki Beings who, long ago, agreed to experience duality, power and control over the Earth believing that they were Gods, and telling humans to obey them. Beings who manipulated Earth for their own selfish reasons, interfering with the divine plan for earth
Aquatonic radiance High-vibrational frequencies from the etheric dimension
Archives of Ra The cosmic hall of records, the great cosmic plan for all manifest creation
Arcturians Benevolent higher beings originally from Arcturus; they are in the 7th and higher dimensions, they assist in Earth's ascension process and they make most of the crop circles
Arcturus The brightest star of the Northern hemisphere, in the constellation Boötes (Bear Watcher)
Ark of the Covenant The energy field that descended to earth carrying the encodement for the acceleration of all energy planes for Earth’s ascension. The Ark physically is known to be in Ethiopia but it is not the only Ark. The ark of Noah is indeed the complete DNA vessel for ascension as it was carried into this world by the son of Enoch.
Armageddon The decisive battle between the forces of good and evil according tot the Bible book of Revelations
Ascended Masters Developed souls which no longer have to incarnate on their way back to Source
Ascension Rising to a higher level in spiritual development, characterized by an increase in frequency
Ascension corridor A cosmic corridor for ascension of Earth
Astral plane The first higher plane past the 3rd dimension in which we live, it contains our emotions, thoughts and our collective consciousness. It is a realm that works as a holding place for energies that require resolution before a soul becomes enlightened.
Astral portal Doorway to the astral plane
Atlantean scientist Scientist in the civilization of Atlantis
Atlantis A civilization before ours, supposedly situated in the Atlantic Ocean, sunk by an earthquake
Auric fields Fields of the human aura
Avatar In Hindu religion a god coming on earth in bodily form
Biosphere The layer of living creatures on earth
Bundle Keepers In Native American tradition those who have a cloth which holds various items related to their contact with Earth, healing activities etc.
Cellular memory Memory of the body cells
Chakras Points in the etheric body, from the base of the spine upwards, for exchange of life energy with the cosmos
Chenupa Sacred pipe
Chichen Itza Mexico
Children of the Sun A soul group that incarnated on Earth carrying the solar codes from the Great Central Sun
Christ being One of the 144,000 who carry the DNA codes of light for the awakening of the Christ Consciousness on Earth Christed being: a soul that has awakened the Christ code in the DNA. A soul that is fully awake to the divine plan in their DNA
Christ code DNA code for the activation of what is called the 144,000 quantum code for the awakening of the Christ Consciousness
Christ consciousness Awareness of unconditional Divine love. Jesus, through Christ energy, activated the latent Christ consciousness in all people by his resurrection. The religion calling itself Christianity wrongly monopolized the notion Christ by using it as a name for the man Jezus.
Circular time A time wherein the past can be reached via the future and vice versa
Cosmic Christ Jesus the man embodied a cosmic principle of manifestation of Oneness from the source of All that Is, Divine Creation, "The Son of God". The Cosmic Christ is the bridge of light beyond the Earth Realm to the Greater Christ Energy, unlimited by duality as experienced on Earth.
Cosmic consciousness Ability to transcend the limits of linear reality and enter the spherical fields of the multidimensional cosmic mind
Cosmic DNA Codes within the DNA carrying the cosmic memory and everything the soul has experienced as a cosmic being, the greater aspect of our cosmic soul. Is one of 3 types which humans have, the physical or genetic DNA, the soul DNA and the cosmic DNA.
Cosmic essence The vibration of the cosmos, carrying consciousness in a non-defined form
Cosmic mind Our mind as linked to the great mind of Creation or the mind of God
Cosmic Mother The Great Mother of Life, the Mother God
Council of Aboraha Council of Light of the Cosmic Elohim, Lightbeings of the Cosmic Christ
Council of Aboraha's mothership The 6th-dimensional lightship through which the Council of Aboraha manifest into physical form
Creation matrix The blueprint of Creation contained within the geomancy of the Cosmos
Critical mass A minimum number of things or people required to reach a quantum field of infinite expansion
Crystal children One type of children, born in the last 40 years or so, with unusual capabilities, whose souls have incarnated with the aim of assisting mankind in this time of transformation (sometimes called New Age children)
Crystalline DNA The living library of light contained within the DNA that allows us access to our greater reality
Crystalline Etheric Layer Realm of vibration on the higher planes that carry the crystal codes of light necessary for communication to the master realms
Crystalline geometry Geometric codes of light at the base of all form that is capable of holding a sustainable field of sacred geometry
Crystalline Matrix of the Water Aspect Encodement contained within the water matrix for the manifestation of communication through water to the God source
Dark brethren A part of the God-self that has forgotten that it is love and part of the oneness, experiencing itself as fear rather than love
Dimensions Stages of development of the soul on its way from the most dense 3rd dimension in which most of us still live on Earth, back to Source (God); the 13th is usually considered the highest before Source is reached
Divine blueprint Each of us carry their own blueprint in their DNA for manifestation as a lightbeing from the Source of Creation, the Records of Ra
Divine hologram All of creation is holographic in nature; the divine hologram is manifest Creation from Source
DNA pulsar codes Electromagnetic pulses that activate the codes of light in dormant DNA
DNA-coded Keys of light contained within the DNA that guide our emerging reality on a higher plane
Dolphin cities Fifth-dimensional dolphin biospheres from which the dolphin beings assist humanity
Earth Womb vortex The womb vortex at the core of our planet
Eden The original blueprint for the emergence of the fifth-dimensional Earth
Energetics Energy system
Equatronic Attunement to the cosmic vibration facilitating sustainable acceleration of lightparticles on a cellular level
Etheric crystal Our crystal lightbodies in the ethers
Etheric plane Plane of consciousness containing the vibration that allows us access to our higher lightbodies, devoid of the limitations of the emotional bodies in the astral plane
Fear grid Earth agreed to experience duality manifesting the 'dark brethren' and beginning the war of good and evil. An energy field manifested around the planet that restricted the ability of humanity to attain oneness with the higher realms. This energy field is a lower electro-magnetic energy that is called fear.
Flower of Life geometry The geometric matrix for manifest creation in Mandelbrot patterns
Fractal An element in a geometrical pattern that replicates infinitely both ascending and descending
Fractaline Having a structure based on fractals
Gaia Mother Earth
Gaia time capsule Earth's DNA encodement for the activation of a phase of evolution
Galactic Belonging to our galaxy
Galactic Federation Innergalactic organization comparable with the United Nations
Galactic Sun The embodiement of the Great Central Sun at our galactic center
Genetic DNA The DNA codes physically inherited from the family lineage. Is one of 3 types which humans have, the physical or genetic DNA, the soul DNA and the cosmic DNA
Genetic engineering Scientific manipulation of genes for a desired outcome, endeavours to change hereditary qualities
Golden ray children A vibration of souls that emanate from Source
Governor vessel An acupuncture line running from the upper lip over the head, down the spinal column and ending at the root chakra (tail-bone)
Great Central Sun The highest spiritual level of consciousness in this universe
Great shift The emergence of a new cycle of Creation, the end of the old age and the emergence of the New Paradigm
Great White Brotherhood Brothers/sisters of light, a soul group incarnated with the Great Knowledge guided by the higher realms to be guardians of the Great Plan for Earth’s awakening
HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) a weapon using massive amounts of energy beamed into the ionosphere, that can be directed to any place on earth, with the capability of destroying ecosystems, manipulate the weather, and even influencing mental states of humans
Hall of Records Archives of Greater Knowledge and Wisdom (see also Archives of Ra, the records of Creation)
Harmonic Convergence Beginning in 1987 the twenty-five year preparation for the moment of reversal of the 26,000-year cycle of evolution of Earth
Hatchepsut Female pharaoh
Heart Grail Heart center which is dwelling place for the awakened Christ Counsciousness
Higher self That part of our divine soul which did not fit in the physical body, extending as a string of beads from the 5th dimension to Source
Hoaxed circles Man-made circles
Hologram In physics a photographic pattern created by interference of 2 coherent light beams from the same object; every part of the hologram contains info about the complete object. Similarly in cosmic language every feature that contains info about something greater.
Hopi Native Americans that live in Arizona, they are carriers of the Tablets of Creation and prophecy
House of David Literally the lineage of King David, in cosmic connection a soul group that carries DNA for the awakening of the Christ Consciousness
I AM presence Aspect of our being that is in union with the God Source and knows itself as self-actualized
Indigo children See crystal children
Interdimensional Between dimensions
Intergalactic Between galaxies
Interplanetary Between planets
Interstellar Between stars
Ka body Also called pranic body, spiritual or etheric twin, a duplicate of the physical body and its energetic fields but at a subtler state of energy
Kabala, Kabbalah The world's oldest body of wisdom, contains the keys to the secrets of the universe and to the mysteries of the human heart and soul
Karma The sum total of a person's actions in past lives supposed to determine present life
Koshares A group of Native Americans
Kundalini A powerful force, rising along the spine, which can be activated by certain yoga practices
Kundalini activation The rising of pranic energies through the chakras allowing a person to access higher realms of consciousness
Language of light A higher-dimensional form of communication, sometimes visible in glyphs or sacred geometry; the code to understanding it lies in our DNA
Law of the One Law of (one aspect of) Spirit, Source, God
Lemuria A civilization before Atlantis
Ley centre A crossing of ley lines, often a power spot or a sacred spot
Ley lines Lines just above or below the earth surface along which earth energies are conveyed
Libraries of light Immortal archives within the DNA containing all esoteric knowledge and wisdom in a sustainable holographic field that cannot be destroyed
Lightbody, Light-Body, Light Wokers A body no longer based on carbon but developed into a body based on crystal, which will take place during ascension to the 5th dimension
Lightgrid A grid on earth which will replace the existing fear grid
Linear time The time in which we live, past, present and future one after the other
Lord Metatron Pure light of Creation manifest in the Angelic realm as the Light of God
Lords of Creation Forces of creation that embody on Earth at the end of the great cycles of time
Mandelbrot set (mathematics) a fractal or shape which repeats itself
Master code A main code ( comp. master key)
Masters of Time See Time Lords
Matrix A pre-form or templet in which a later manifestation can be molded
Mayapan Pre-Colombian Mayan site in Mexico
Medicine wheel With Native Americans: a round figure laid out on the ground with stones and other elements, as a cosmic energy device
Merkaba A vessel of light, in form of a star tetraëder (2 triangular pyramids one upside down in the other), surrounding the human body with which we would be able to travel through space and time
Mitakue Oyasin We are all related
Montauk project A US government initiated experiment with time, 1983, related to the Philadelphia Experiment, scientific manipulation of timelines, incarnational patterns and the space time continuum
Mu The root civilization of Lemuria, the "Mother"of Lemuria
Multi- (e.g. multi-verse)
Namasté "the divine within me greets the divine within you"
Nirvana State of perfect blessedness
Non- (e.g. non-verbal)
Oaxaca Mexico
Ohm The sound of creation, can be toned or sung as a long O, ending with M; sometimes spelled as AUM
Omni- (e.g. omni-universe)
Over soul A consciousness encompassing a group of individual souls or soul being
Pacal Voltan, Pacal Votan (both spellings are used in Google)
Paradigm The entirety of values and opinions shared in a society
Parallel dimensions There exist other dimensions and realities than the one we find we live in; these can be experienced simultaneously to perceptual reality
Perceived reality (perceptual reality) Holographic projection of apparent reality as the mind interprets the greater hologram and projects the individual belief system manifesting reality on a certain level of consciousness. Reality as we perceive it, but there are others.
Philadelphia experiment Experiment with time by the US Navy, 1943
Planetary Christ Manifestation of the Word of God made flesh in the third-dimensional physical realm of creation, a pure consciousness of love knowing only union, manifest to resolve discordant duality
Pleiades (star cluster, seven sisters)
Pole shift Change in earth’s magnetism (North and South poles), occurring every 26,000 years
Portal Multidimensional doorway allowing energetic access to geographical locations on the Earth or cosmic grid
Prana The essence of God's life force, creation, breath
Psychotronic resonance Energies emanated during psychic transmissions that are capable of being measured by scientific instruments.
Quetzalcoatl (feathered serpent god of air and water, pre-Colombian period)
Qumran (In Israel)
Records of Ra Records of Creation of the Great Central Sun, these are the Cosmic Records of Creation not limited by the incarnate soul's experience. Transcending time and space and physical manifestation, the Records of all Creations, Creator's experience as manifest and pre-manifest Creation. These Records contain the blueprints of the soul from the records of creation, not just historical records.
Rosslyn (chapel in Scotland)
Saint Germain Master of alchemy who has chosen to enter all realms and dimensions experiencing himself within the limits and confines of these dimensions for the purpose of transforming consciousness into the purest and highest resonance. St. Germain manifested as an ascended master on the Earth Plane.
Sekhmet (lion goddess, ancient egypt)
Shadow Ourselves on the other side of the mirror of duality, certainly capable of experiencing oneness but usually experiencing itself as the lost soulself, desiring to understand forgiveness, and experience itself as love
Solar temples Twelve houses of light surrounding the Great Central Sun, manifest on the earthly plane as the 12 tribes of Israel, and the 12 apostles of Jesus
Soul DNA The DNA crystal libraries that contain the records of everything the soul has experienced since manifestation from the source of creation. Is one of 3 types which humans have, the physical or genetic DNA, the soul DNA and the cosmic DNA.
Soul matrix Crystalline energy grid contained in the essence of the soul that allows access to the divine blueprint
Spherical time Cosmic time transcending the limits of linear time, non-linear reality, a time in which one can move through the future to the past and vice versa
Star children or star beings Souls originally from other planets, star systems or universa who have replied to the call to come and help Earth in its ascension process
Star gate A gate for star ships to other dimensional levels
Star glyphs Universal language of light from the Records of Creation, the Records of Ra, known universally to all beings on a deep soul level
Starseeds Souls that have incarnated from other starsystems to be bridges of communication to other dimensions for the purpose of assisting Earth’s ascension.
Starships Same as spaceships
Stonehenge Megalithic (from the stone age) monument in Wiltshire, England
Sub- (e.g. sub-dimensional)
Tantric According to tantra, Hindu sacred writings opening the energy body to higher states of consciousness through divine sexuality
Tectonic plates In geology, big underground rock plates which can slowly shift
The 13/13 The master DNA code containing the divine blueprint for creation at source unaffected by the distortions in the hologram of creation in the lower realms
The 144,000 Alchemical DNA formula time calculated to be activated by specific cosmic forces emanating during the end of the greater cycles of time, and the emergence of the New Paradigm. This DNA code activates the Christ Consciousness within all planetary DNA, which is a geometric formula for the new creation
Time gates Points of access to other time lines
Time Lords Lords of the Realms that manage time as experienced multi-dimensionally on all levels of Creation. Energy structures within cosmic creation
Time portals Same as time gates
Time tunnels Means to manipulate time lines from another time line
Toning Meditatively producing sounds from the heart through the throat chakra
Transmuation An alchemical process in which something of lower order is transformed into something of higher order
Tutankhamen (young pharaoh)
Ultra- (e.g. ultra-planetary)
Walk-in A multi-dimensional aspect of an individual soul that was unable to experience embodiment in the third dimension. There are two types of walk-ins: one when a soul's contract is up and that soul allows another soul to enter and use the body and the memory of the individual for work that needs to be done on Earth and cannot wait for the process of birth and maturation. The other form of a walk-in is multi-dimensional merging with another aspect of self in a parallel reality.
WBCPW White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman
White Eagle Cosmic ascended master, messenger from the greater oneness, manifestation of Lord Jesus, universal soul of the Divine One
Womb of Cosmic Mother The great cauldron of Creation, Sophia's womb
Zohar (ancient Essene)