Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha


The following is a glossary of terminology used within the Records of Creation website. Some definitions perhaps require for further explanation, but the greatness and the colossal riches of the cosmos cannot be described and so much less be explained in one little book. Also please keep in mind that for much of the cosmos there simply exist no words in languages on Earth.

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Term Definition
Ka body Also called pranic body, spiritual or etheric twin, a duplicate of the physical body and its energetic fields but at a subtler state of energy
Kabala, Kabbalah The world's oldest body of wisdom, contains the keys to the secrets of the universe and to the mysteries of the human heart and soul
Karma The sum total of a person's actions in past lives supposed to determine present life
Koshares A group of Native Americans
Kundalini A powerful force, rising along the spine, which can be activated by certain yoga practices
Kundalini activation The rising of pranic energies through the chakras allowing a person to access higher realms of consciousness