Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha


The following is a glossary of terminology used within the Records of Creation website. Some definitions perhaps require for further explanation, but the greatness and the colossal riches of the cosmos cannot be described and so much less be explained in one little book. Also please keep in mind that for much of the cosmos there simply exist no words in languages on Earth.

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Term Definition
Mandelbrot set (mathematics) a fractal or shape which repeats itself
Master code A main code ( comp. master key)
Masters of Time See Time Lords
Matrix A pre-form or templet in which a later manifestation can be molded
Mayapan Pre-Colombian Mayan site in Mexico
Medicine wheel With Native Americans: a round figure laid out on the ground with stones and other elements, as a cosmic energy device
Merkaba A vessel of light, in form of a star tetraƫder (2 triangular pyramids one upside down in the other), surrounding the human body with which we would be able to travel through space and time
Mitakue Oyasin We are all related
Montauk project A US government initiated experiment with time, 1983, related to the Philadelphia Experiment, scientific manipulation of timelines, incarnational patterns and the space time continuum
Mu The root civilization of Lemuria, the "Mother"of Lemuria
Multi- (e.g. multi-verse)