Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha


The following is a glossary of terminology used within the Records of Creation website. Some definitions perhaps require for further explanation, but the greatness and the colossal riches of the cosmos cannot be described and so much less be explained in one little book. Also please keep in mind that for much of the cosmos there simply exist no words in languages on Earth.

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Term Definition
Tantric According to tantra, Hindu sacred writings opening the energy body to higher states of consciousness through divine sexuality
Tectonic plates In geology, big underground rock plates which can slowly shift
The 13/13 The master DNA code containing the divine blueprint for creation at source unaffected by the distortions in the hologram of creation in the lower realms
The 144,000 Alchemical DNA formula time calculated to be activated by specific cosmic forces emanating during the end of the greater cycles of time, and the emergence of the New Paradigm. This DNA code activates the Christ Consciousness within all planetary DNA, which is a geometric formula for the new creation
Time gates Points of access to other time lines
Time Lords Lords of the Realms that manage time as experienced multi-dimensionally on all levels of Creation. Energy structures within cosmic creation
Time portals Same as time gates
Time tunnels Means to manipulate time lines from another time line
Toning Meditatively producing sounds from the heart through the throat chakra
Transmuation An alchemical process in which something of lower order is transformed into something of higher order
Tutankhamen (young pharaoh)