Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha


The following is a glossary of terminology used within the Records of Creation website. Some definitions perhaps require for further explanation, but the greatness and the colossal riches of the cosmos cannot be described and so much less be explained in one little book. Also please keep in mind that for much of the cosmos there simply exist no words in languages on Earth.

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Term Definition
Walk-in A multi-dimensional aspect of an individual soul that was unable to experience embodiment in the third dimension. There are two types of walk-ins: one when a soul's contract is up and that soul allows another soul to enter and use the body and the memory of the individual for work that needs to be done on Earth and cannot wait for the process of birth and maturation. The other form of a walk-in is multi-dimensional merging with another aspect of self in a parallel reality.
WBCPW White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman
White Eagle Cosmic ascended master, messenger from the greater oneness, manifestation of Lord Jesus, universal soul of the Divine One
Womb of Cosmic Mother The great cauldron of Creation, Sophia's womb