Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha

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About the Community

The intention of our global community is to attract people who have special focus or interest to read material that may be more specific than the general site. The three groups that are open for individuals to request entry to are the Isis Temple, the 13-13-13 Soul group, and the Oracles Group. These groups will often come together for conference calls, have a discussion forum to share ideas and experiences and have a place to contact other people with similar interest. The 13-13-13 Soul group are people who have DNA for the ascension energies for the planet. The 131313 soul group has access to Judith's current transmissions many that are specific to communications with the Mind of Universal Consciousness, and Visionary experiences. If you feel you understand the content of this site and desire to go deeper into the energies of ascension you may be called to be part of the 131313. The Oracles site is a calling of individuals who feel they are oracles, and want to share with other folks with this gift. The Isis Temple is for men and women who feel deeply connected to the Isis Prophecies and the mysticism of Isis.