Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha

13 Sacred Cosmic Chakras

The thirteen Cosmic Chakras connects your chakra centers to the Chakras of Creation, the Union of the Mother-Father God Principle. The Thaedra Field is the absolute power of Creation before it forms Essence. This opens the light of your soul through union with the cosmic source.

Judith received this during a vision of Isaiah when I was channeling the Isaiah Code. It is the sacred bridge of light to Source Creation.

Meditation to activate 13 Chakras

Enter a state of meditation while viewing the 13 chakras. Activate, by placing your right hand on your heart and the left hand extended to the Universe. Tone "Atium", "Atium", "Atium", "Ma Gu Ah" while bringing your hand in a spiral to your heart with the intention to connect and open each chakra. Use your breath, breathe deeply between each word and then breathe out as you chant each word of the Mantra. Once you reach your heart reverse hands and spiral back out toning the Mantra. It is the sacred bridge of light to Source Creation.

Once you have opened your cosmic chakras, tone the 13 sacred mantras by moving across the page. Complete the first one then move on, and so forth. Listen to the tones of creation toned by Madeline Cheriex to help with annunciation.