Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha

Judith’s Relationship to the Spirit Council of the Thirteen Grandmothers

There is a spirit Council of 13 Creator Beings who work through Judith for her spiritual mission in the World.Judith has been called as a grandmother and an elder to serve the cause of world peace through the Hopi Prophecy, “When the Grandmothers Speak the world will heal.” Currently, there is a physical council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers who travel the world doing peace ceremonies and sharing wisdom. Please check their website at www.grandmotherscouncil.com. I know of messengers specifically from the 13 Grandmothers all over the world. They all must be guided by this spirit council.

Judith's Story

Judith's first visionary journey to the lodge of the Spirit Council of the Thirteen Grandmothers took place in 2003 during a session with a Cree woman named Nellie Bear Skin. Judith did a session via telephone for Nellie. This came about because Judith met Jane, Nellie’s sister at the IIIHS conference in Montreal, Canada. Jane gave Judith’s card to Nellie and Nellie was compelled to call Judith. Nellie had never called anyone she did not know before.

Nellie lives in Fort George, Quebec, Canada. The community is 800 miles north of Montreal. Over the years, Nellie has worked with her people as a social worker, and an advocate for families at risk. She recently served on a committee appointed by the Canadian government to hear the testimonies of individuals abused in residential schools. Throughout the years, Nellie has called Judith and they have journeyed to the spirit lodge of the Thirteen Grandmothers to empower her work with her people. Nellie and Judith have never physically met each other, but are to this day dear friends.

Since 2003, Judith has had many experiences. Over the years Judith, often took spiritual journeys to the lodge during sessions with clients. The Grandmothers brought people to their spirit lodge for healing during these sessions. They also brought Judith to the lodge to work with the messages for the indigenous bundle keepers. The Spirit Grandmothers initially called Judith in 1996 when she became part of the Grandmothers Council in Tucson Arizona. Mary Diamond initiated the Tucson Grandmothers Council in 1994. Her vision inspired by the Hopi (Native American) declaration of prophecy, “When the Grandmothers speak the Earth will heal.” Judith has attended gatherings since 1996. Mary Diamonds’ vision is currently carried out by women who have held councils in the Gulf Shores, Oklahoma and England.

The Tucson Grandmothers Council traditionally gathers on the full moon in October. The year 2006 was the thirteenth annual gathering of the Council. The grandmothers meet traditionally to weave a gathering focused on peer circling; sharing wisdom; empowerment of the voice of eldership; creativity; ceremony and Earth sprit connection.

Messages from the Spirit Council of the Thirteen Grandmothers

Judith K. Moore, Ph.D. and Sean Sands

Excerpt from the introduction of Visions of Wisdom
© Copyright Judith K. Moore, Ph.D. not to be reproduced without permission

The children are suffering from the diseases of hatred, violence and vengeance. Many people do not have enough to eat every day while others have too much. Some parts of the Earth are so poisoned that there seems no hope for life. The balance has been lost and our world is on the brink of disaster. The damage to the eco-system is extreme; we can no longer afford to abuse Mother Earth, the one that gives us life. These are the dark times the prophecies foretold of. Yet hope emerges as a new light is birthed upon the earth. The prophecies foretell of a time of great darkness and the birthing of a new light. Humanity is now awakening. The time of this birthing is at hand.

The wisdom of the Thirteen Grandmothers has come to guide us on to a path of healing and balance. The Hopi Native American prophecy states, "When the Grandmothers speak the world will heal," this is the vision that is at the root of this book.

This book contains messages that come directly from a spiritual council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers and a Creator being called The One. The authors are taken on a spiritual journey into the non-physical world. The Visions journey guides them to the Lodge of the Spiritual Council of the Thirteen Grandmothers. The Grandmothers have chosen this way to come to the People to empower their wisdom. They have chosen this way to empower their presence in the world. The Messages invite you to enter their lodge and receive their blessings.

The First Grandmother, Ishnatae.
Portrait by Christel Hoppenbrouwers

Portrait of the Fifth Grandmother, Wawashawe. Portrait by Christel Hoppenbrouwers