Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha

Galactic Maya Messenger of the 2013 Prophecies

I heard about the Mayan Calendar when I was a teenager through my uncle Tony Shearer. He spent time in Oaxaca, Mexico and published the books Lord of the Dawn and Beneath the Sun and Under the Moon. I knew he understood the calendar and was renowned as an expert in his field. He told us about his discovery of the date of the Harmonic Convergence August 17, 1987 and how the world would be different after that date. To tell the truth I did not understand what he was trying to teach me. At that time in my life I was busy raising my children, growing a garden and running my husband's Acupuncture clinic.

I know my awakening began August 17, 1987, in a very powerful experience. I made a trip to South Dakota to visit my mothers sister-friend and spent the day at a Lakota Sun Dance. Two hundred dancers came around the arbor blessing us with their sacred fans. When an Old man came to bless me I felt eagle wings all over my body. I just did not comprehend how much my life would change that day. I was propelled into an intense healing journey and began my awakening.

By 1998, I was was well on the way as a medium and mystic. I found the more I learned about the multi-dimensional experience the closer I got with my uncle. Suddenly we could talk the same language. On January 17, 1999 I visited him in his home in Cortez Colorado. I brought him the sacred red earth from the Cave of the Old Man in southern Utah and blessed him. He was so happy. At that time he gave me a sacred tablet that he said he found in Oaxaca in the 60's when he was researching the Mayan Calendar.

Children surrounding the Tule Tree
in Oaxaca, Mexico

I began to have visions that I had to be in Chichen Itza for spring equinox of 1999.

I called a friend, a Galactic Mayan Priest named Taskara and told him he had to take me to Mexico. He was reluctant at first and agreed only when my husband gave us permission. We left on a six week pilgrimage driving my old 1987 Ford Bronco. We broke down all over Mexico, and every time there was a mystical doorway opened to me.

I was guided all the way by visions of the Virgin of Guadalupe the patron saint of Mexico. I prayed with women all over Mexico and had apparitions of the Virgin. We visited 22 pyramids where I had many mystical initiations.

We arrived at Chichin Itza in time for the equinox when the sacred serpent decends down the pyramid at the heighth of the sun on that day. I sat down under a tree behind the pyramid, exhausted and very hot. There I spoke to a man named David who said the was the brother of a prophet from Venezuela. His brother was doing light body activations in a circle of many people. David suggested that I get one. I rmember thinking that it was almost time for the serpents decent and would there be time. But with Davids urging got in twoards the end of the line and waited. The prophet came across the circle and layed his hands on me. I went into a powerful light experience.

Tony Shearer's talisman.

I staggered back, and David was there to support me. How was it he ask? Incredible I responded. I was then guided to show him the clay tablet Tony gave me and tell him that I was guided by a vision to come that day with the tablet. My uncle advised me to keep my identity secret because of my safety, he had been part of the revolution in Guatemala and there could be a stay in a Mexican jail if someone knew who I was. But I was compelled to tell David. David immediately insisted that I go into the temple with the prophet and show him the clay tablet. I agreed. How many people can come he said, One an interpeter I replied.

I knelt at the foot of the prophet and told him that my vision said we could avert massive cataclysm by me bringing the tablet to the temple that day. We placed the tablet between our hands and prayed. I blessed him with the Red Clay from the Cave of the Old Man.

When we came out hundreds of people took our photos, I do not have a single photo. I was invited to sit in a place of honor with the prophets family at the foot of the temple when the serpent descended. I was shaking all over and told David at last, what I shared with the prophet. He then said, "Of course that is why we are so happy. You are in our prophecies, the White Dove would bring the tablet to the Prophet today and we could avert the massive Earth changes." I remembered my Lakota name, White Bird Girl, given to me at age ten.

People came from everywhere to be blessed by the Sacred Red Earth. The Sacred Serpent made its journey down the pyramid. And then as mystical as it began, it all was completed. I left and never had contact with the prophet again.

Many years later knowing that this tablet was so powerful I tried to return it to the Shamen in Oxaca. I was told by Grandfather Piya that I am the carrier of this sacred tablet. It has taken me all over the world, to anchor the energies of Galactic Maya at sacred sites.

Much after my return home I learned that a great tsunami was anticipated in Costa rica that day. It was not until after my uncles death that Jose Argueles posted on his web site that Tony Shearer was his teacher and taught him about the date August 17, 1987.

I do not pretend to understand the Calendar. I know Galactic Maya work through me. There are volumes of channeled messages in my archives from the Galactic Maya and the Time Lords.

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