Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha

Vision of Mary Magdalene and the Awakening of the Holy Grail

I began having visions of Jesus in 1993. My grandparents were Scottish immigrants. My Grandfather, Allander, came from a village that is ten miles from Rossalyn, Scotland. My blood line must be why I am receiving these messages.

In 1993, I was guided to become a member of St. Bedes Episcopal Church. I was deeply disturbed by the power of the visions and would often would receive visions that were validated by messages during the upcoming services. It was evident that I was having an unusual experience. I was interviewed and told that they felt I was having an authentic Christian mystical experience.

In 1998, I began to have visions of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. The visions come in many forms. Often they are like a memory. At times, I embody Mary Magdlene so powerfully I feel her emotions and acutally have a sense that I am reliving the past. The archives are filled with hundreds of such visions. Stories of the people in the lives of Mary Magdelene and Yausha were revealed through readings that have been archived with the clients permission. Each time we access an aspect of their DNA that opens an archive that activates power in the collective, awakening the Light of Magdala, and lifting the veil on the face of the Feminine Christ. She is a prophets and received Holy Gospels called the Gospels of the Living Covenant. The visions have taken me to France, Israel, Egypt and Scotland to work at the sacred sites where her energy is still so powerful.

Taken at the Holiest of the Holies, Jerusalem
April 2007

I am a visionary. I am a messenger for Mary Magdalene, and as an embodiment, I experience the life and passions of Mary Magdalene the feminine Christ. I do not claim to be her or to be a reincarnation of her. The purpose of this embodiment is to empower the vibration of Mary Magdalene’s presence in the world for the transformation of consciousness and the birth of the Golden Jerusalem. Many of the sacred gospels of Mary Magdalene were lost or destroyed, however the archives still exist in other dimensions. Through multi-dimensional journey work these sacred archives may be opened and restored in the Akashic Records. The life and passion of Mary Magdalene live and are empowerment through my work. The archives include hundreds of transmissions. They are comprised of channeled transmissions and readings that are archived with permission from my clients. The Archives weave a greater myth of the life of Mary Magdalene and the revelations she received. Mary Magdalene calls them the Book of the Living Covenant.

The Holy Grail<br/> 
Artist, Aleida Hendricks The Holy Grail
Artist, Aleida Hendricks

On guidance from Mary Magdalene, I have traveled extensively in Southern France, Israel, Egypt, Germany and Scotland to activate sacred geometries in the Earth and to open the ancient secret archives. Mary Magdalene has declared that the Grail lives and is working in the world. The Grail is a force of Creation encoded in DNA and linked to the blood line of the families of light and the lineage of Christ, which is not limited to the blood line of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, but is linked to mankind and the awakening of the Christ Consciousness. The light of the Grail is called Heileion light it can only be used for the co-creation of divine purpose; it is not able to be used for "evil". This light has been activated in the collective hologram and has the power to change the world. I am not the only messenger of the Holy Grail; each messenger has an agreed purpose and task that weaves into a mandala of energy for the transformation of the planet. This description is an attempt to simplify a vast principle that has worked through my field.