Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha

Message of Wisdom from the Infinite Oneness Guiding Humanity to a New Way of Being

December 21, 2012
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Message from the Infinite Oneness as we stand at the Threshold of a New Age for Humanity

tr. Sean, ed. M.

JKM 12-21-12 Message of Wisdom from the Infinite Oneness Guiding Humanity to a New Way of Being

Judith in Chimayo and Sean in Salmon Arm 5:30 am PST

I just woke up with a message coming through really strong.

Prepare for the journey, for humanity now crosses the threshold and enters a realm of experience that the power of which has never been known by your ancestors. Take with you all that is beautiful from the human experience.

Look to your ancestors for the beauty they have brought to the world and to the human experience, and glean the harvest of their wisdom. In this threshold of the human journey, look back to know the wisdom, the courage and the faith that brought humanity to this point of transcendence and take with you the gifts that are worthy and strong. Build of the creativity, the love and the faith that strengthen the human soul. Take with you all that is worthy and cast off into the wind that which is no longer of service for the building of this New Creation, and cast it off to the wind that the winds of time take all that is unworthy.

Allow it now to fade into the night for it is not needed on this journey. These things came as teachers and you know this.

Prepare now. Your faith, you know, has brought you here. Prepare now. For the skills and the strengths, the compassion, the courage and the faith, these are the tools you need for the entrance into this new realm.

Today humanity stands at the threshold of a new existence. There is a purpose for every single thing humanity has experienced. Nothing has gone wasted now. The Ages of human experience and free will and choice have compelled you. And this now is the Time of Times.

Many of you have anticipated this change, knowing deep in your intuitive wisdom that you now have an opportunity not given your ancestors, for their choices were limited by the powers of separation and the painful journey of the soul. Now, now you stand on the threshold of an infinite reality, and the potential here, at this moment, this day, is beyond comprehension. The potential, that you have as a soul to experience grace, is vast. It is as vast as the Universe itself.

You now will step forward because you are compelled to do so, being thrust into this birth, often finding yourself spinning and disorientated by the new dimensions of time that present themselves to you, to navigate.

And the world, Beloved Ones, transforms around you, each nanosecond, each moment, each hour, each day, each week. And the way you had of measuring your experience, taking stock in your life, that too will change. For what you thought was of value, now will seem less significant in the face of this ever expanding reality.

In these days of preparation, you have availed yourself of the faith. Your spirit has been tested. The fiber and the strength of your souls refined. And you are ready.

Pioneers you are. On this pathway of constructing new civilizations of peace, you truly will find what is needed on the path. You truly will find what is needed. You will call to you that which are the tools, the skills and the abilities, and use them in new ways to build systems for the future Earth that take root in the foundation of this new human experience and become the patterns for the consciousness for the generations to come.

Now is the time to be aware of your thoughts. And where you send your thoughts, your mind, and how you process each decision and embrace the human emotion and the human experience. Where there is grief, grieve. Where there is anger, be angry. When you feel frustrated, feel frustrated and when you love, love deeply. But make each moment pure spirit and true to self. For this is what the Universe is calling you to do.

In each experience, look of course, of course, look to love. For that which is loving will thrive, and that which you bring with you that seethed in resentment or competition will wither. It is the nature of these times.

Many of the souls here on the planet, when they cross over through the veil, will not return here. They were part of this choice, this time of choosing, and they came here as souls to experience the confusion of the old systems. They came here to act out the emotions of the old human experience. And their souls are not ready yet to live by the Law of Love. They will not return here. They will go to a school of higher learning where they will learn to know in their soul, within their spirit, their grand Self and the Love that they are. Their passing will change the way that humans feel reality.

And coming upon this Earth are the souls that carry the Seeds of Light - they are the Children of the New Dawn.

Well-prepared they are, to build this world of love and compassion. Well-prepared they are, with the vision beyond the veil. They live in a multi-dimensional reality. And to teach you, the Wayshowers, let them take your hand. The children will lead you forth now. Look to them. They carry the Light and the promise.

The faith you have surrendered to strengthens your character and you are well prepared for this day.

Take time to contemplate this message. There is a depth of wisdom here given that will settle into your consciousness and, as it settles, you will feel a knowing. And it is in this taking stock of the moment that your spirit and your soul and your mind will remember the passing of this time and the entering into the dawning of this New Age.

Such a time of celebration, for many of your allies in other dimensions cheer you on, as truly you cross the finish line - a race, a marathon - the Olympian race that you have run with great endurance and dedication to the promise that is born in your heart.

Now is the Time of Times. Live it well.

Blessed be, so be it and so it is.

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  • This is the opening of the third eye,Peace,Love and Light ~ Kinnie Poitier-el (Jul 19, 2014)

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  • This prophesy needs to go out far and wide; the times are a-changing; listen up EVERYBODY!! ~ Margaret Miller Drum (Jul 15, 2013)

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