Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha

Our Mission

Judith K. Moore

In January of 1999, my uncle Tony Shearer gave me the Mayan Talisman when I visited him at his home in Cortez, Colorado. My uncle Tony Shearer decoded the Mayan Calendar discovering the date of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. I began the visions that became a journey from 1999 beyond the end of time as we know it in 2012 to 2013, the beginning of the new 2013 Galactic Time Spell.

The journey was a quest and certainly, like a labor of love, an intense birth. I was compelled to follow this path of prophecy that took me on a journey of absolute faith and surrender. I had to trust that I would be taken care of, that I would indeed survive the journey and serve the highest purpose of my souls’ destiny. The journey required total surrender -- letting go of what others thought of me, letting go of my own expectations, and trusting in Creator enough to surrender my life to the guidance of the most high. "Thy Will IS My Will."

As I reflect back over time, I have had a miraculous journey, one that has inspired my spirit. It was not an easy journey, as the level of exhaustion was immense, and I could not stop until I completed the quest. Now I realize the magnitude of the days in Turkey in November of 2013. A prophecy has been completed, it was my soul agreement to make this journey to open a new prophecy and a New Myth for Humanity. It is called the Prophecy of One. I received this transmission in Holland when Suzette and I returned from Turkey . I share it now because I feel it is my mission statement.

11-11-13 Epiphany Message -- Creating the New Myth for Humanity

Epiphany Message - Journey to Ephesus, November 2013

tr. Suzette, ed. M and Judith

Mission Statement

Creation expresses itself through the consciousness of the Living Word, the power of Living Prophecy and the space of infinite potential. Human existence has been governed by laws and rules that have limited the capacity for the human soul to experience itself as the Light of God, as the pure consciousness of Infinite Oneness. The fall from Grace, marked in great mythology by Adam's journey, opened the destiny of humanity to experience an imperfect reality.

Regardless of how a human lived and loved or had higher visions, they were subjected to an imperfect reality. In every mythology and in every story of humanity, the imperfect reality is mirrored. Perfection is but a space of ultimate fate through which divine resonance flows into the living world and becomes substance. A greater myth of humanity now opens the archetypal forces within the human psyche. This opening is the capacity for the human soul to experience itself in the essence of being the pure vibration of the God Self, eternal immortal love.

This revelation which was given originally to Magdala Yahweh (Mary Magdalene) now comes into being. It lives in the world. And most certainly, this manifest perfection, this pure love, is accessible now for those who are prepared to experience the infinite reality in ultimate surrender to faith and the power of Eternal Oneness. Now reality has a different context. There is now a capacity and a willingness within the human psyche to experience perfection without identity and without judgment or expectations. Each person may now has the ability to surrender to the Infinite Power of Creation, and allow the substance of the Infinite Oneness, the form of the Consciousness of Creation itself, to manifest through grace, the Power of One in their lives.

Yes, you have met destiny, but it is a human destiny that you were the witness of, for there must be those who see and know the Power of One in the perfection, the perfection of Infinite Oneness, the perfection of life and eternal grace that is now manifest.

You have truly entered, through the Omni Field, the union of all dimensions, the space of infinite potential. You are witnesses, you are witnesses as a vision becomes a dream, and the dream is dreamed into form. The humans become the dream, and their dream is that of beauty, for they shall not be separate from their dreams. They shall not know themselves as defined realties that create separation, but truly to dance, between the realms; to dance the rhythm and the power of the Light of the God Source into being.

You have seen the power of this manifest, and you were witnesses of this, and it has begun. It is of Creation. You were moved by the Forces of Creation. This is of Creation, and it shall be eternal. Give it your intention. Make it truly your belief. Allow it to become your greater myth.

Thus, what was given to humanity from the highest source of love by the visionaries, the prophets and the dreamers now comes into being. Once manifest, it is the living myth. There is now a new myth available for human consciousness. Some will choose to live in the old myth and will cling to the old ideologies that forced them to limit the perfection. But the new myth lives now here in the world. Drink of this sweet nectar; it brings you home to love. So be it and so it is.