Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha

Conference Call Galactic Councils of Light 6th Sunday

February 12, 2017
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Unedited, due to volume of material I just scanned this and posted. JKM
JKM 2-12-17 Conf. Call 6th Sun. (initial ed)

tr. Sean and Sandra Initial ed. Sandra and Sean but still requires final ed. esp. around the Tones of Isis)

Judith in Chimayo on Conf. Call at 8:50 am PST

Missed some conversation as Judith already on the call

J. Hi Michael K. Well I just wanted to tell the people who are here on the line, just to give you a little update. I am really being affected energetically by this huge clearing that is happening, this catharsis and also by the intensity with what is happening right now. The night before last I received a really powerful transmission from the Old Man.

Sean. I have it about 3 quarters transcribed.

J. It is about the rhythm and connecting the Native people to the rhythm of the heart of Creation.

M.K. Wonderful.

J. He came in very powerful, night before last and then yesterday morning, I had a visitor here from the Gathering of the Eagles, a man named Zachary. Yesterday morning I woke up violently ill and feeling emphatically the fear of the people in 5 State's ICE raid on immigrants. I woke up feeling that that was an indoctrination that has just spread fear through so many people. I was really sick and I sat down with Zack and we went into a field of the dark cabal and their ritual that they did to create the demons of the 3rd Reich.

Mary Magdalene faced off with the arch demon of the 3rd Reich, who is behind, what is happening now, the cabal.

Ever since then I have been weak and I haven't been able to eat. I know that it is good that she is facing the demon of the cabal. I know that all of that this has come and is so powerful as instrumental to what is going to happen today.

So I have asked my friends who has been working with me to keep my field clear, to see it in terms of transmutation and not attack. To know that these energies, that are not of love, are going to resist and we are really to focus to moving into that field to transmute it and transform it. Those of us who are feeling like we are transmuting a lot of negativity is because we are. I am sure I am not the only one who is doing that. So I just wanted to share that with everybody, so you could get an update before we start the call. (thank yous)

AliAma. Judith this is AliAma and I am in NYC today. Hello everyone, hi Sean.

S. Hi Aliama.

A. Hi sweet heart.

J. So I know we have a good group of people here. Last week we had 131313 which is just perfect for the energy work we've done.

L. This is Lorraine in Great Lakes.

J. Welcome, when I see names come up like Dixie and Lorraine, I know that they are holding the space for the sacred Earth. It is important that we anchor and ground this transformation in the power of the sacred Earth and in the sacredness of our waters of life.

In particular, the Water Protectors and the Earth Keepers are really important to anchoring this energy in the living vibration of Earth, as we reach out to the cosmos and to the Galactic Councils, to do this energy work today.

So I want to ask in particular that all of our Earth keepers, really those of us who are star beings and some of the Earth keepers are star beings too. But if you are an Earth keeper, you keep the energy grounded in the living force of the Earth and the rest of us and all of us are going to be sending those tones.

But some of us will journey multi dimensionally to actually join with the Galactic forces. Because many of us are multidimensional beings. It is important right now. If you are aware that you are multi dimensional and that you are an Arcturian or a Sirian, it is especially important that you connect to your DNA and to the aspects of your consciousness that is multi dimensional. Because our work right now is to open a bridge of light that creates a unified field in the dimensions. So that everything is flowing with love and harmony and those of us who are bridges to the Galactic forces. It is particularly important that you, with conscious intent, connect to your team, your star groups, the star councils that you are associated with. Because the 131313 represents a lot of different star councils and as wide as we can spread ourselves across the universe, that is how far this energy is going to be received and resonate.

C. I call upon my star system. I also call from the high council of Orion to join the 131313 call.

J. Thank you, that must be Carol. Beautiful. So it is 10:01 am MST according to my clock and I just want to speak a bit of what the vision is today. (6:48 m before the conf. call officially begins.)

I have seen that we are to open this unified field to the Galactic Council of One, the Cosmic Christ Council and the Galactic Source.


Christi Puglisi did that, so that's okay.

Many of you may know the Galactic Source and know of different star councils. I have been connected to the Galactic Source for many years, and specifically the Galactic Source is ( I have somebody who is coming in on a call right now. I can't go to it.)

The Galactic Source is scientists of the highest order of light from all over the Galaxy who have created a coalition of energy of advanced energy technology.

So the Galactic Source will be working today with what is called scalar technology. I have seen the mother ships and the light ships, I have seen that the Galactic Source has created -- ( noise ) oh, sometimes that happens when we are connected to the ships. When we connect to the ships on our telephones like that, sometimes we get that kind of energy coming in.

Remember everybody who is here today gathered, that we are a circle of light, that we are multi dimensional beings, and that we are in the heart resonance, and I'm going to explain a little bit --

?: Galactic Councils of Light.

J: I'm going to ask Christi to mute the phone.

(line muted.)

J: I want you to say your comments and bring in your energy, and do your invocations, but it will be too confusing if everybody is talking. So I want you to continue to do your invocations. I want you to talk your light languages, I want you to bring forth anything through your energy vibration that you feel that you are guided to bring forth and know that it's entering this field because we are in a harmonic resonance and all of your energy is being gathered up, and it's flowing forth with the living force of Creation, with the living light.

So to explain about this scalar technology, a couple days ago I sent out a very significant transmission about the expansion of Creation, and I had a conference call with Raqui-Sha-Ma, the lady who I wrote the book, the New Formulas of Creation with, and she is a real person, and we had a real conversation, and she looked at what I brought in and said that it was totally in alignment with everything that she did with Eee Nak Nee Na when he was here in the body; that in his journals and so forth he said that he was Thoth, and so I know this new Formula for Creation has been something that is coming through our field for many years now, since 2001.

What we see in that transmission, it's essential to this conference call, because that transmission eliminates the chaos of duality, and helps us to focus on the expansion of Creation, to know that it's inevitable that Creation is expanding itself and as a power of Creation, as Creation is expanding, it is bringing forth the force to bring in the balance.

So I diverted a bit from the scalar device, but she discussed with me about the power of scalar waves and Tesla type technology in miraculous healing, and that is what these generators are.

As we connect to the Galactic Councils of Light, to the Galactic Source, they are going to receive the tones of illumination in vibration, and send them through these ? golden coils, which are scalar generators, and then they are going to echo them back or send them back to the Earth, particularly focused on the pyramid systems.

I also received information this week that Sam at Bosnia said that they have discovered 80,000 pyramids on the planet, and each one of those pyramids were built by the Galactic beings by intelligent high vibration energy for this ascension process.

So when we connect to the pyramid systems, and Mauritius is a key, the island of Mauritius and other key points, we can trigger the whole pyramid complex, and the scalar frequency is going to come like a golden ray, right down into Giza, Sakkara, all of them, Bosnia, all of these major pyramid systems, and then they are going to resonate the frequency in a vibration that goes out in waves to surround the Earth.

The purpose of this healing is to clear the living hologram of distortions that are playing out as the illusions of extreme separation and duality.

I have seen with holographic technology and with holographic work, that reality, as we know, it is not a fixed reality. It is permeable, it is moving, It's a vibration that is ever changing, and the Earth's frequencies herself will respond to the harmonics that are generated from the scalar frequencies because this is a life giving force and her holographic field will quicken as she receives these scalar frequencies to clear distortions that are creating energies that are not of love and going beyond the highest good for this duality dance that is happening.

So there is a part of what is happening in the extreme polarity coming up that awakens people and is actually bringing balance, but then there is the other part that is anti life energy, and that is generated from holographic distortion in the living hologram of the Earth, and most holographic distortions were created by suffering which created intelligence that are what we call the entities or demonic forces.

Yesterday morning, Mary Magdalene confronted the demon of the Dark Cabal, and I saw through kabbalistic rituals, Dark Cabal, in Germany because Hitler was a Zionist, a Jew of the Zionist order which is not of the light and yet through suffering and torture of resistors and sacrificial rites, they created demons of the Third Reich, and those demons have attached to agents of chaos and separation that are attempting to have the power to suppress the light, and we know this, we know well this to be true. And now is the time for balance.

Now is the time to bring these frequencies to the water of life, to create that unified field, with the assistance of our Star Councils.

So I want to begin with a prayer. My clock says 10:10, which is excellent.

Divine Creator, Holy Mother, Father, God, we gather in the circle of light and open our hearts to the living community of faith of the ascension workers who are bringing forth a great light upon the Earth. We open our hearts to the Galactic Councils, to the Galactic Source and the Galactic Federation, that we may enter a unified field with our Star brethren, and that together we can make possible that which appears to be impossible in the healing of the living hologram of our precious Mother Earth. We connect to the very heart of the soul of our Earth Mother, and, with loving intention, we ask her to receive these scalar frequencies and to bring them into every molecule of her living body, to the water element of the planet.

We are grateful for these six sacred Sundays, and now we call the power of the sacred six enter the heart of the resonance of this gathering. We open to the forces of alchemy and the power and the mysteries beyond the veil, and with gratitude now we sing this song of love, the Song of the Beloved, the Formulas of the Illumination that restore the living hologram of our precious Mother planet.

I'm going to begin by doing an energy clearing, and many of you, you are all healers, and it's important that we have a very clear field before we begin this journey to open the corridors of light and enter the unified field with the Star Councils. So we are going to do that with the Tones of Isis, and these tones were given to me for clearing chakras, and we are going to clear our own chakras, but while we are doing these tones to clear the chakras, I ask all of you who are energy clearing to make sure that all the energy in our field is very, very clear, and I bring in Kuthumi' Ascension Temple, so that we are working from a place of love and harmony. I can feel Master Kuthumi bringing in that crystal temple of light to create an immaculate field of light that we can work from today.

So I ask each of us to focus on your root chakra, and with the Tones of Isis bring in the tone O. ( All toning )

Now move the energy up to the maternal chakra with Ma.

(All toning )

Bring the energy up to your solar plexus chakra with Tu. ( All toning )

And up into the fourth chakra, to the heart chakra with Ka.

( All toning )

And now into the throat chakra with Ba. ( All toning )

And move into the third eye with Ra. ( All toning )

And to the crown chakra, Sha. ( All toning )

Now let that kundalini energy go up from your root chakra up through your seven chakras and sprouting out like a whale at the crown chakra, create an aura, an energetic aura with the Isis tones of O Ma Tu Ka Ba Ra Sha, and now we bring in A Ma.

( All toning A Ma )

Now connect to the chakras of the earth. Now, according to the information I have received, earth has three chakra systems of seven chakras, which is 21 chakras altogether, and if you bring them together, it makes the master number 22. So now we're going to set the intention as we tone O Ma Tu Ka Ba Ra Sha A Ma, and I'll lead you through it, that we're sending that energy into the chakras of the planet to clear the chakras of the earth, okay, and so I'm going to begin and we're going to tone, we're going to do them all like one mantra, O Ma Tu Ka Ba Ra Sha A Ma.

So the first three is O Ma Tu, Then Ka Ba Ra, then Sha A Ma.

So together now, O Ma Tu. ( All toning )

Now we're going to do Ka Ba Ra. (All toning )

And now Sha A Ma. (All toning )

And we're bringing in the power of A Ma as we surround the planet with this crystalline light of the harmonic power of the unified field in this sacred 22 of her chakras, of the 7, the seven, the seven, united in a field of pure life giving energy.

There are those of you who are emissaries of the Galactic Councils of Light and the Galactic Federation, there are those of you who know you are supposed to hold the portal open for us to return through, so we are opening the corridor of light now, we're opening the galactic portal, and those of us who are emissaries from the Galactic Council, now we expand our light bodies to meet with the light bodies of our star brethren, as we invoke the Galactic Council of One, Galactic Force, and the Cosmic Christ Council.

The mantra that opens this portal of light is Ra Om TaRa. Ra Om TaRa. ( All toning )

I hear now a communication from the Galactic Council, the unified field that was established in this harmonic overtone of cosmic frequencies and vibrations from the very essence of that which forms Creation. You have entered a state of perfect balance of homeostasis with the powers of Creation and the living force of the illumination of Infinite Oneness.

You are now receiving the holographic frequencies from the Galactic Source to attune your energy body and your crystalline DNA to the scalar frequencies that are necessary for the expansion and resonance of the Formulas of Illumination on a cosmic level. We tone with you, we receive you, we are at One with all source of loving Creation now.

The Galactic Federation has received your intention for intervention on behalf of your planet and humanity, and all living things. Know that that which is (aspiring ) (? ) today is already coming into manifestation through time and space. Your Time Lines have accelerated in such a vast propensity of light, that these things that you are engaging with today are already manifest in the order of light as this energy has been projected into the time lines of the planet to create the harmonic resonance of the Galactic 13 time spell and the emergence of the time continuum that supports harmony and balance in the human soul and the diversity of life on earth.

We are present on many levels with dimensions and realms from physical galactic ships to light ships to light beings that are galactic beings of light through forces of the cosmos that are intelligent beings that are light beings of the Creation forces. There is one flow, one harmonic field that is the unified field of the zero point energy that unites our forces with the eternal source of Creation for the illumination of life on the material and non material plane. All energies that have not resolved their duality will receive this vibration. It infuses them through osmosis as their vibration will receive and soak up these frequencies.

We cannot solve conflicts by aggressing on another. We can simply send forth the resonance and know that by the very power of the love that is every soul,(?) your soul will receive the light, and this is the true purpose of this journey today, that all beings on the Earth, whether they are human or species from other planets, that we connect to their soul source, to the God source within their God Particle, knowing that although many of them have forgotten that they are part of the Oneness, that the force of the God Force, God Particle, is the most essential part of their consciousness and the God Particle of all of these beings that perpetrate suffering and division and separation, the God Particle of their soul receives this vibration because it is natural to love and it is natural to be part of the life giving energy of the universe and of the Infinite Oneness. We join with you now as Michael invokes with me the invocations of light and the invocations of sound, and everybody please join us as we turn the key of light opening the Seven Doorways of Illumination.

Arias - Ana. ( All toning )

Dominicas - Ka Ren (All toning)

Sequarias - HaNiha ( All toning )

Santarias - haniyui (All toning )

Rotarias - donayah ( All toning )

Helios taran - horiha ( All toning )

Equarias - hasarah (All toning )

Now we are going to begin to send our vibration and our light and our harmonic sound frequency of the Formulas of Illumination and imagine like a flashlight shining out into the dark, the rays of the Formulas of Illumination are being sent through this Galactic corridor of light, through this portal that we have opened, and that they are received by the multitude, the multi dimensional energy healers and put into this scalar generator to return to Earth as a mended harmonic frequency.

We are going to begin with the Jacobian formula, and I hope that many of you have the paper in front of you, but I will say the first one, and then we are going to tone it, and I'll continue doing that for those that don't have the paper.

For the Jacobian formula.

Ka Ra Sha ( All toning )

Om Pa Qua (All toning )

Ra Ka Ba ( All toning )

Judean Formula:

O Ra Saun (All toning )

Ma Ta Ra (All toning )

Ra Ho Ra (All toning )

Enochian Formula:

Shuum Ba Ra (All toning )

Kaom Saun Ra (All toning )

Om Bara Hora (All toning )

Be sure to breathe.


Ra Saun Mata (All toning )

O Shuum Shara (All toning )

Ba Saun Paquasha (All toning )

Now the Unity of the Sacred 13:

Ka Om Ra O Ma Ra (All toning )

Shuum Kaom Om (All toning )

Ra O Ba ( All toning )

And now the universal Ahum or Omm (All toning )

And now we invoke the Keys of Enoch:

The First Key of Enoch: O Ra Ka

And now it's very important that we visualize the kabbalah, even if you haven't seen it before, but it's the Tree of Life and set the intention that those energies that were manipulating the left side of the kabbalah through the Dark Cabal are flushed out, that it's just sending so much light and so much fluidity of love through the Tree of Life, that the whole Tree of Life is just illuminated with the life force, and it flows from the 11th Sephiroth to the 12th and the 13th.

So the First Key of Enoch is O Ra Ka. ( All toning)

Second Key: Ba Om Ma ( All toning)

Third Key: Ra Ta O (All toning)

Elysian Key: Opens the 11th Sephiroth then flows through the 12th and 13th Sephiroth BA OM BA

those of you who will go into inner earth, in particular Michael has entered the genesis seed in the inner sun, so those who are to go into energy Earth, take your energy and focus on Inner Earth and the power of the Inner Sun into the Genesis seed. Those of you who are Earth guardians and you know who you are, you are to hold that field with full intention hold that this is supported and, received by the elemental realm, by the water of planet and by our sacred ancestors. So we are connecting to that sacred wisdom with the Earth energies and then those of us who have expanded our light body we join in a unified field with the galactic source, the galactic council of one and the galactic cosmic christ council.

Now we are connected there, and imagine that we are sending waves of energy through our heart resonance and that we are not separate from the galactic source, galactic federation, galactic council of light or the Cosmic Christ Council. That we are part of their living comunity , that we are there on the light ships, we are there in them and we are sending this vibration to our Earth keepers, and the Earth keepers and sending the vibration into inner earth. From Inner Earth it is generating

out to the inner sun with the powerful resonance of the inner planes, as the mantle of the Earth is covered with a crystalline shield of light of harmonic frequency, light sound frequency and the Hathors are coming in very strong to do this, surrounding the Earth with a mantle of light and with the tones of illumination of Thoth, miraculous tones of illumination.

And imagine now as a soul group that we are sending this vibration in waves and we know each other. We have worked together. We are part of covenant of light and we have agreed this through many lifetimes forming our team, and coming together as souls.

So we send forth the vibration from the star beings, the Earth Guardians to the Inner Earth. We send forth our vibration to the pyramids on the Earth now in streams of light as the pyramid guardians and keepers of the sacred wisdom receive the light and they send it out.

Now I ask that the ascension generator that we engaged in last august, and full scalar frequencies now. (39)

Ra Ohm TaRa

We connect at the source of the ascension and the resurrection, I can see the tomb of Lazarus, see MM and Jesus embracing as the soul of SaRa comes in and we connect to that moment of conception now to conceive the seed of light in the fertile loam of consciousness of our planet and the souls of humanity and we set the intention now that that which is received, that loving force of light and sound harmony, is manifest through the water molecules of the planet, through action word thought and deed to open the holographic heart in those places where the heart chakras are closed, to open the heart chakra centers of the planet and now the energies are flowing into that heart chakra, the planetary heart chakra, the heart chakra centers of the planet and the consciousness of the God source and the heart chakra of every essence, every particle of soul, every vibration of soul and planet, and even those vibrations that have separated from their soul.

You can feel their soul calling them to the light...

( dogs barking at Judith's ) It is interesting that we would have a dog barking right now because Chimayo is the Valley of the Dog and the dogs are the protectors of the village and our companions, They give us unconditional love. They were one of the first species to form a working relationship with humanity. I felt like that dog barking right now was important, to bring in the energy of these companions.....

I see the heart chakra is just pulsing to the golden vibration, that the accumulative alchemy of these six sacred Sundays is swirling in a vibration of zero? point energy in the heart chakra of the planet .

It is through the heart chakra that this power can be transmitted through all intelligence, to honor life, to protect our children, to cherish our environment and to leave a legacy with our generation that those of the future can do the work of building the Golden Jerusalem of bringing forth the manifestation of this Golden Age of Peace.

Blessed be, so be it and so it is . (43)

J. Michael K., do you have anything you need to share?

M: I was waiting for the mantra to come which would add the (Ska Ohm TaRa?)

Ra Ohm TaRa

There are still 3 more sounds that need to come.

J. Michael's request, are they 3 mantras or 3 sounds? I' m focusing

Yaheem, Ya Sha Shat, Yaheem sha sha sha.

M. Yaheem sha Sha..Sha Sha

Repeated by others.

J. Yahee OmBa Baqui

Yashee OmBa Baqui

(someone says I can't understand)

M. Yashee Omba Baqui

J. Now together. Yashee Omba Baqui

Now everyone receive the vibration on the place you are holding this space of light for. So it is flowing with the unified field from the cosmos to the Earth guardians to the Inner Earth out to the mantle of the Earth

When the vibration is reaches the mantle of the Earth it is met by the harmonic crystalline light shield that the scalar technology has surrounded the Earth with.

Rays of energy going into the pyramids now and accelerating the frequencies as each pyramid is resonate with these vibrations.

Mary Magdalene said that we have reached the frequency that was attained in the resolution of the wounds of Christ, that there was a frequency when she received the vibration of the god force. There was an harmonic frequency, an overtone, a tone that she received.

We have reached that vibration now. It is the blessed vibration and it is the pure power of the God force manifest in the resurrection of the life giving force of the earth of the ascension of the Earth's life ? and all elements of the earth's creation

Blessed be, so be it and so it is.

Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai Tsebayoth Yod Hey Vod Hey Yahweh

Now we are connecting to those who are the change makers and the change givers who empower those who are working in the field that they need manifest energy, to give them the fuel that they need to connect to the ones who are standing for justice and the people at Standing Rock, the people who are demonstrating and the people in the politics and in the government who are really working to protect people.

So we send this energy to protect the protectors, to assist the protectors, and those who are doing the front line work.

I read from an article that Michael K. sent me that the the veterans are coming back to Standing Rock. They are going to form a living shield to protect the water protectors from brutality. When the Rainbow Warriors become protectors of the water protectors, there is a huge leap of consciousness.

So I want to connect that force for the protection of life on Earth and the angelic guardians of all those who are taking great risk to speak the truth, to protect justice and to make change that it is manifest.

Blessed be.

So is there anyone that needs they say something?

I: I want to say thank you, so blessed to be here, Ivy

J: Please announce your name when you speak

Kelly; co creation at this time

Elly. Columbia River ?? co creation at this time.

Sean: In Salmon Arm gives gratitude

J. Sean and Irene came in at the same time.

Irene V. , go ahead: Sha sha ra... sha... sha ra...sha sha ra thank you, Judith....

Many thank yous.

pyramid in my area.. to focus on the Mexican border.

Alice in El Paso: here is the illumined enlightened God spark who have ignited forth the energies of the pyramid and the pyramid in my area to stabilize. I ask that for all of us to focus on that here on the Mexican border.

J. That is Alice in El Paso. So we are focusing now on the Mexican border and all of the people who seek sanctuary.

A. It is specifically the pyramid, not the sanctuary, it is stable now.

J. OK beautiful.

Ivy, NY: I would like to ask for help with stabilizing the institutions of education and schools. There is a lot going on with that right now, for the children to be , their education, for them to get what they need, all children, may they be special ed. children or all children

J: A need and a cause our focus. So now spread we are going to spread this out like seeds of peace to all the peace projects, to the wellness of our food and environment, to receive the peace. Let this genesis seed find fertile loam in the consciousness of humanity,.

Blessed be.

Michael K: Judith, when you travel, do you make the decision to travel to Belgium and Netherlands, just be careful about the peace pipe, the peace bundle.

J: Thank you. I haven't made that decision yet.

M: It's waiting, I think this is very important that you really know that you really protect that.

J: OK so we are protecting what is sacred. I feel that we are complete now, clock says 10:55... I want to say prayers of gratitude to those who have shown up on the conf. call.

Is Christi Pulgisi there? How many people? .

C. 38

( with Michael K. in So France 39)

J: okay..... so thank you everybody and I just want to say a prayer of gratitude:

Divine creator, we come forth in the purest sense of humanity to co create with the divine forces of Creation, the harmonic force that brings life, healing and restoration to our world, and we are grateful for all the assistance and protection and guidance through the many dimensions of loving beings who have gathered together today. We are 38 people, we are a multitude, many of the people that don't even know this conversation is happening today,

they are praying for this Earth and they are connected with this intention with their hearts. We are grateful for this gathering today as we prepare for the emergence of this great miracle,

Blessed be, so be it and so it is.

Words of farewell and thanks.