Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha

Ethiopia Journal

March 18, 2015
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Worklng with the grid in Ethiopia

JKM 3-18-15 Journal

(Judith , Monique and Irena in Ethiopia):

Dear Soul Family,

The power of the Ark of the Covenant is within the people's hearts in Ethiopia. We are greeted with arm smiles, generous spirits and beautiful eye contact. For four sacred days we have traveled to the Holy Sites and touched the sacred earth. We are guided moment by moment to the sacred source of this ancient land. We are blessed by visions, and are so tuned into the energies of the Divine Power of Illumination, and it flows through us. WE are connected to the group of Ton van der Kroon at the 13th church of the Ark of the Covenant.

Water is life here and this is the dry season. The people carry water to their homes and it is precious. Our water ceremonies have connected us to the sacred source of water here in the deep aquifers of the earth and in the lives of the people. The crystal sent by the grandmothers in Washington and the whale icons from Greenland have been part of the Water Serpent ceremony at one of the great rivers of Ethiopia.

Each time we do ceremony there is a connection to the children, with our hearts, songs and my flute. Their faces and beautiful eyes live now in my heart. These last four days have been like a lifetime. The visions of Mary Magdalene and the Soul of Sheba brought us here. The power of the Tones of Illumination from the Sacred Feminine Kabbalah have resonated in the tombs of the Lion Kings and flowed through our spirits at the peace tree near the Church of the Ark of the Covenant in Axum where we did ceremony with the children and the peace bundle.

At the Temple of the Moon and the Sun in Yaeh we connected to The Lunar Solar Stellar ceremonies throughout the ages and brought the vibration into the sacred center of this existence. At the Temple of the Stellars, the place of the great Obelisk we did ceremony to restore the distortions in timelines and open the vibration of Eternal Oneness. Monique sang the Tones of the Sacred Feminine Kabbalah in the Tomb as Irene did the peace water ceremony and I worked with the Talisman to restore the primordial timelines of earth.

Irene came here in 2011 because of a vision of a mountain near Axum. We returned, and there came to the place of the Holy Waters where people come to be baptized. We prayed at the stone wall where the women pray. I was taken by a full embodiment of Mary Magdalene. She told us this was her birth place and recounted being shown the scrolls by Mother Mary at the age of 9 that told of her lineage and birth. She told us that she was baptized here when she was 3 days old. I felt her joy in my body as her eternal presence returned to the place of her birth. The vision was extremely powerful, please connect to it.

She has been making the Proclamations of Judah. "The Faith of the redeemed shall take away the pain of the world. The tears of blood shall dry and be washed away by the tears of love healing the suffering of the people. The persecution of the innocent ones shall cease upon this earth. "She has brought the illumination to the power of the Lion of Judah and the prophecy of peace is affirmed by her immortal presence.

Today we are entering the Nature Preserve of the Simien Mountains. I have seen that in these sacred mountains there is a very powerful vortex that is at the center of one of the chakras of Africa. The earth vortex meets a cosmic vortex. We will connect to the cosmic vortex and channel energy into the earth vortex. Tomorrow we travel to Lake Tana and will celebrate the Spring Equinox with the Pipe Ceremony of the Grandmothers to open the Fifth Lodge of Peace of the Morning Star.

Our work with the energy lines of the planet is especially important these next days. There is a high probability of earth changes these next five days so all of these ceremonies we ALL are doing are vital to energize the flow of light though the earth meridians and stabilize the electromagnetic grid of the planet. Thank you for our unity and the power of the Onmi Oneness that connects us in love.

Blessings, Judith