Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha

White Eagle Vision

Painting from Judith's home in New Mexico. Author unknown.

The power of a vision is a mystery to humanity. Seekers on the path of spiritual awakening feel the power of the sacred vision. There is a major difference between personal visions and Global Visions. Personal visions guide an individual to leading a more spiritual life. Global visions have a powerful effect on the collective consciousness. Judith is a visionary, her visions are directly connected to Earth's ascension, the awakening of humanity and the birth of the New Heaven New Earth. The White Eagle Vision is a Global Vision. The power of this vision is at the heart of Judith's work in the world and her calling as a visionary.

Taken from Song of Freedom My Journey from the Abyss
Published by Light Technology
chapter 33

In July of 1998 I attended the Southern Ute Sundance in Ignacio, Colorado. I had been on a vision quest on a sacred mountain with a Mayan priest, and I had left Arizona without hardly any sleep, flown into Albuquerque and drove up to Ignacio. A lot of very powerful things happened at that Sundance. The Sundance is very sacred to the Native Americans. The Southern Ute do not pierce like the northern tribes, the men dance for days without food or water and pray for a vision. My former husband was dancing, I was there to support his pledge.

I had been asked to sing with the Ute women, and I had some very powerful healing and visionary experiences. When one of the dancers went to the pole I had a vision.

The Sun dancer went up a golden set of steps. At the top was a golden doorway. Christ stood in the door was with his hand out stretched. The Sun dancer walked into Christ.

Christ turned around, and he walked over to a throne, and he turned into a white eagle. The white eagle spread its wings and it flew across what is called Turtle Island, this continent. As it flew, from its belly there came a stream of little white birds; and the little white eagles or the white doves flew to the four directions, there were four streams, like ribbons almost, flying to the four directions. At each corner of the four directions, they brought back a ribbon each of the colors of the four races. They brought a red ribbon, a black ribbon, a white ribbon and a yellow ribbon. They made a ball and flew underneath, at the eagle’s talons, and flew into the belly of the eagle. The eagle then flew to Hawaii, and flew across a volcano and flew across a spring; and then it came to a great spiraling cave. It spiraled down into the cave of the great cobra.

Two weeks before that Sundance, I had been with Amachi, the beloved Hindu saint, I was receiving darshan. I had a vision of the emergence of the fountain of life of the divine feminine in the center of the cave of the Great Cobra. It was the heart and the trust and the faith of women on this planet, emerged from that fountain. When that vision was through, there was a spring in the center of the cave of the great cobra.

As the white eagle flew into the cave of the great cobra, it flew across that spring, and it dropped that ball into the spring. I remember looking around and seeing that there were more than just the people who were part of the clan of the great cobra; this great cobra is also the great cobra that was close to beloved Ghandi. Everybody was celebrating, and as we watched, the great tree of peace emerged from that spring.

I was filled with prayer and wonderment, before our very eyes, the Earth split and the tree rose to the surface. I found myself with my husband, standing underneath that great tree of peace. Around the tree of peace in a circle were all the people. They stood in quadrants, like a circle and cross, with the Asian people were standing between the east and the south; and the red people, the native Americans were standing between the south and the west; and the African-Americans between the west and the north; and the Caucasians between the north and the east. So it was yellow, red, black and white, all standing separate but in one circle. Then my husband and I began to lead a snake dance, and as we wound between the people and they followed us, we kept dancing until the people stood together as a rainbow nation, in unity through diversity, all as a family of man. Then we led a wedding dance, which is a traditional Hispanic dance it’s called the Marcha, and it’s a beautiful dance that they do for weddings in New Mexico. Then we led a spiral dance, and we all spiraled in and touched the Great Tree of the White Roots of Peace. Then I opened up my eyes.

At sun dance every morning all the people gather before sunrise, and the Sun dancers blow their eagle-bone whistles, and we all face the east and wait for the Sun to rise. When the Sun first crests the mountain, we bless ourselves with the first rays of the morning Sun. That day was the last day of sun dance. I faced the east that morning, and the eagle-bone whistles blew, I closed my eyes and I had another vision. All of the victims of genocide on the planet rise from their graves of sorrow. They rose up, and as they rose up they went from their degraded image of dying in those deaths of sorrow, to their traditional dress. They brought their grandmothers and the grandchildren, the grandfathers and the mothers and the sons and the daughters and the fathers, and they came dressed as Scots and they came dressed as Greeks, and they came dressed as Africans and they came dressed as South Americans. And they came dressed as Hawaiians. They were all coming to that Sundance to celebrate the resurrection; to celebrate mother Earth’s resurrection from the place of great despair to be birthed into a new world of freedom and peace and healing.

The last ones to come were from the Mid-East, they were all dressed in white, and they were carrying flowers. Beloved Ghandi and his wife, Ba, led them. They were all smiling and laughing, and they were so beautiful. As Ghandi came close to me, and he and his wife were just right in front of me, I saw their faces smiling. I opened my eyes, just as the Sun began to crest the mountain; and I greeted a new day and I blessed myself with the rays of our Sun father. My heart is filled with prayers of thanksgiving and praise, for this beautiful vision that I experienced.