Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha

Mary Magdalene: The Feminine Christ

Evolution of the Soul and Divine Consciousness

The Cup of the Grail
Taken in an old church in France

The awakening of the Holy Grail is at hand. The veil of Isis lifts revealing the Face of the Feminine Christ the Beloved of Joshua, Mary Magdalene. There is an ancient promise of the coming of the Great Light that is revealed through the awakening of the Holy Grail. The Vesica Piscis is the symbol of Magdalena, her power number is 8. She is the gateway of infinity, the key to Immortal Consciousness and the Cosmic Christ Matrix. Judith as an embodiment of Mary Magdalene facilitates the activation of the Grail Light within the Souls Matrix utilizing the Heilieon Light or the Light of the Holy Grail. The workshop will explore multi-dimensional avenues of expansion consciousness as Cosmic Christ Soul Beings. A life changing experience that grounds the vast areas of mysticism in the living body, making these energies available to you for your ultimate awakening and life purpose.


Workshop Outline

  • Opening Prayer and Meditation β€” We offer our vibration to the circle of light
  • Setting intention of workshop, the Conscious Breathe and grounding exercise
  • Brief introduction Judith β€” Mary Magdalene and the Divine Isis
  • Talking Circle β€” What the Holy Grail Means to you
  • Toning the I AM Presence and the Sacred Word- We enter sacred space
  • The Power of the Word of God and the Living Body
  • The Ecstatic Union of the Beloved β€” Magdalena Completes the Cosmic Christ
  • The Gateway to Infinity β€” and the Vesica Piscis- and Sacred Sexuality
  • The Code of Immortality β€” Isis/Osiris β€” Mary Magdalene and Yashua
  • The Anointment of Mary Magdalene β€” the message received in Montreal
  • Message from Mary Magdalene
  • Lunch
  • Toning the Universal OMM, the Sacred Names of the Divine
  • The Heilieon Light of the Holy Grail β€” Power to transform our world
  • Opening the Thirteen Cosmic Chakra and the Isaiah Code
  • Toning the 13/13 tones of Creation β€” Sacred tones of Creation
  • Grail Heilieon Light Body Activation
  • Silent mediation
  • Mediation β€” entering a state of union with the Cosmic Christ
  • Cellular DNA activation β€” the word of God Made Flesh
  • Closing Prayer and Mediation