Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha

About Judith K. Moore

Photo: Judith K. MooreI am a Sacred Cosmic Oracle for the Records of Creation/The Records of RA. I have access to the Akashic records and am able to clear karma and access past lives to restore balance through the living hologram of the spirit and soul of my clients. I enter visionary states to convey mystical transmissions. I am able to receive all communications that are for the highest good from the other side of the veil while my consciousness transcends time and space. During the channeled experiences, I actually transcend the dimensions and enter altered states that facilitate the energetic balance of the electro-magnetic energies in the dimensional fields. I am a conscious trance medium and adept at Multi-dimensional journeywork. My training and preparation was guided from the other realms.

I have totally surrendered my life to the service of God, as an instrument of the Divine for the Awakening of the New Heaven-New Earth. It is my intent to be a pure messenger and vessel in service to Divine Creator. I monitor my work for clarity and purity. I am not an outside source of wisdom, the wisdom is within your intuitive heart. I ask everyone I work with first and foremost to be empowered and listen to their inner guidance. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and the assistance from the mystical realms that make this work possible.

I am part of a soul group called the 13:13:13 Soul Group. We are the ascension workers for the awakening of our planet. I have contact through sessions and onsite work with many ascension workers, many I have never met, but they are still part of the soul group. We are connected by Omni-consciousness and guided from the Master Realms. We have formed a 131313 soul group on this web site to connect ascension work to the mystical messages and activate the energies that I channel to quicken the awakening.


Judith and Randy

My husband, Randy crossed over during the Venus Transit June 5th 2012. He takes care of me on many levels. His energy supports me, without which I would not be able to do this job. I was guided to marry him during a vision of Jesus. In 2003 I began getting messages that he would cross through the veil and be my partner from the Angelic Realms. I asked Jesus why he wanted Randy and I to be together. Jesus said Randy was a fallen angel of Metatron. We agreed to meet in this life time, fall in Love and form a bridge of light with our hearts to the Heavenly realms. I miss him but I am experiencing the joy and bliss of love beyond the veil. He is my guardian angel.

Sean Sands was my co-medium, and the scribe for the Records of Creation for nine years. Our mission was to open the Chronicles of Ibis, I as an oracle, he as a scribe. As a team, we were able to work in dimensions that I could not access previously. He took care of my energetic body during intense trance states. He did this from his home in The Sanctuary in BC Canada. He has opened the third book of his life and is exploring his journey into new realms of consciousness.

Brief Biography

Judith's Family

Judith is a mother of six adopted children and nine grandchildren. She served for 20 years as a child advocate and educator for adoptive parents. She is the former chairman of the Citizens Review Board in New Mexico. She was a prime force in the growth of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture locally and nationally. She administrated the acupuncture clinic of Dr. J. Michael Moore, her former husband for 28 years, and his Kaju Kenpo Martial Arts Dojo (school) for 16 years.

Judith lives in the sacred valley of Chimayo, New Mexico with her husband, Randall Hansen. Randy is a professional international airline pilot. He shares her vision, they work together as a team working towards world peace, global healing, and the awakening of Heaven on Earth.


  • April 2003: Ordained as a priest in the Eastern Oriental Orthodox Catholicate Church of St. Thomas
  • April 2004: Masters Degree in Theraputic Counseling
  • July 2008: Doctorate of Philosophy in Theraputic Counseling from The Open University for Complementary Medicine