Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha

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Judith K. Moore, Sean Sands, and the Chronicles of Ibis

Judith Moore and
Sean Sands at City of the Sun, New Mexico

In December of 2003 and January of 2004 Sean and Judith received a transmission from the Masters of the Chronicles of Ibis. The information stated that she and Sean carry specific DNA codes that allow access to the ancient archives of the Chronicles of Ibis. They learned that Sean is a scribe of Ibis, and Judith is an oracle of Ibis. They each have aspects of these. There are seven scribes and seven oracles. The Chronicles of Ibis are located in inner earth in ancient times and removed during earth cataclysm. The Chronicles of Ibis were retuned to inner Earth during the Hyperborean Age.

The Chronicles of Ibis contain all of the sacred revelations that are given to the prophets of all peoples of Earth to guide the awakening of higher consciousness on the planet. They also include past lives of people who were involved with the ancient mysteries. The intent is to channel lost mysteries, clear energetic distortions in ancient archives and restore the Akashic Records there by empowering the human collective to reach higher states of consciousness. The energetic aspects of this work are as important as the actual channeled transmissions.

The subjects are diverse in nature, some of which including: messages from the Mother/Father God; journeys into the Womb of Creation; mysteries of Mary Magdalene and Jesus; Lost Tablets of Creation; visions of the Prophets; mysteries of the Temple Solomon; the 2012/2013 transition and the cosmic calendars; activation of Incan archives; communications from the Masters of the Universe; messages from the ascended masters and the Arch Angels; Native American prophecies and medicine bundle messages; messages from the Sprit Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers; journeys to explore the nature of the holographic universe; journeys to the I AM Temples, dolphin cities and inner Earth; portals of Shambala; Egyptian Mysteries; the Isis and Osirian code; quantum physics and the support of the Earths energy body to avert cataclysm during the pole shift; integration of cosmic frequencies to facilitate the planetary transition into higher dimensional energies; holographic formulas for the new creation templates; messages of White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman; messages from Mother Mary; and more.

Currently there are over 1500-channeled transmissions in the archives. The archives contain individual channeled messages and clients readings. The clients readings are important because one persons DNA may have a code that opens sealed archives. The sealed archives are not available to the collective. Opening these archives empowers the awakening of higher states of onsciousness for humanity at this time. Each person gives his/her consent to have their readings archived.

The archives are now being databased. A vast amount of information has come through and it is being preserved. Sean has volunteered many years, frequently 8-10 hrs per day, to transcribe. Other volunteers have stepped forward to help and a member of the soul group has retained a professional transcriber to complete the transcriptions. It is Judith's intent that a foundation be created to properly work with this project.