Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha

Personal Readings

Readings are conducted over the telephone or when I travel in person. The first session always takes at least an hour. After the first reading, you may schedule half-hour readings. You will receive an MP3 CD of your reading and a Soul Glyph, which I channel by automatic writing during the session.

Judith has the ability through guidance from the clients Divine Soul Presence to be both mystical and practical. She helps people know more about themselves , their history and their spiritual calling. She does not give psychic advice for the future or direct guidance as to life choices. The work however opens the field for inner guidance and facilitates wholeness, healing and sensitivity from the inner wisdom on all levels.

The Soul Glyph is done in the Universal Language of Light, a non-linear language that communicates through your higher consciousness. The Soul Glyph comes from the Blueprint of your Soul in the Records of Creation (the Records of Ra). Please make a color copy, save the original and laminate the copy. The glyph may be used in meditation by imaging that you are looking at it and bringing it into your heart. Then set the intention to expand the glyph like a hologram into every part of your consciousness. Use the laminated glyph to charge a bottle of drinking water. Just set a bottle of water on the glyph over night and use the water to drink. Use the intention the your receive the imprint through your water molecules. Be creative and enjoy the gift. You use it in meditation or just by looking at it and setting the intent to connect to your living blueprint. The Soul Glyph opens your codes of light and activates your DNA.

The purpose of a reading is to facilitate and empower the clients’ inner, intuitive, and Divine connection with the Divine Soul presence, guides and masters. During the session we access the blueprint of the soul in the Records of Creation. Judith is able to channel your divine soul, your masters and guides. Many people have very high level missions and the readings help them empower their work in the world. I channel their soul glyphs in the universal language of light, which activates the DNA.

Soul Glyph Example

Soul glyph example

Each reading is unique and is as diverse as the individual. The readings are received from the blueprint of the soul in the Records of Creation. The readings access the living library of light in the DNA. There are three forms of DNA. Soul DNA contains the archives of everything your soul has experienced since your creation, included here is the Akashic Records. Genetic DNA is the archives of your family lineage. Cosmic DNA contains the totality of existence as you are part of the infinite oneness of Creation. The reading opens mystical archives contained in your DNA. This does not mean that you have attained this state of consciousness in this lifetime. Often people have powerful past lives but are not able to access the knowledge, wisdom and vibrations of that life time because of the agreement to be amnesic as you incarnated through the veil. As you awaken you will become more fully a multi-dimensional being and have access to your "greater self." This is a journey not an instantaneous experience. You are making it for all of humanity's benefit.

As a conscious trance medium, I journey beyond the veil to communicate, journey, and participate with the unseen ones in a benevolent manner. I am conscious the entire time with the exception of occasional supra-conscious states in which I enter deep space. The client may communicate with the being I channel and with me at all times. I encourage open and loving communication and energetic participation during the session. We often have visionary experiences simultaneously. I ask that you pay attention to your inner heart guidance, to what your body is telling you and only participate in that which you feel is for your higher good. Please do not give me your power during the reading, be spiritually vigilant. It is important to let me know if you ever feel negative interference. I am vigilant always as a spiritual guardian of the clarity of my work. I do not take my gifts for granted. We will work as a team through out the experience.

Ultimately the reading is not limmitted to the hour you schedule. There are many mystical forces that come to assist you with the process that begins when you schedule a reading. My intention is to ground these vast mystical experiences on a cellualr level which gives you sound and practical benifit in your 3D life.

Full Hour Reading: $111.00
Half Hour Reading: $55.00


  • Cindi Silva, California "Judith is a true oracle with the capacity to bring forth a language of light that penetrates the layers of conditioning and deliver a transmission that re-aligns one with their mystical origins."
  • Anne Monday, Colorado "The reading you gave me was absolutely the most powerful I have ever received. You know the information is "right on" when you get chills throughout the whole session, even when listening to a replay. What was most exciting to me is knowing my path will include Grandmother Anna and the tones of the rose. I am looking forward to using these tones you/she have given me to heal myself as well as assisting our beloved planet. I am very humble and grateful to you for bringing this information forward."
  • Alice, El paso Texas "To infinity & beyond and then happily back to Mother Earth! Judith's readings are transformative at galactic, multidimensional levels. At the same time they are very grounding with much practical information to guide you through the physical journey. They are always exciting & stimulating, because they just flow from Source and expand to include all pertinent information. These are profound healings at all levels of existence. The beautiful Soul Glyph is a valuable, beautiful & potent healing tool."
  • Solveigh, The Netherlands " I've finished reading your book, Song of Freedom. I have no words to say what it did to me as it touches so many levels. Thank you for writing it! As you say is a story toward freedom for all of us. In the foreword you describe evil as action out of balance that becomes so narrowly focused in achieving one set of goals that the actor fails to see (or care) that s/he is working contrary to other equally or more important ends. What simple truth is in that: a wake up call to look at parts where I have been focused too much on,for example the past."
  • Janet Reynolds, Texas "I was swept into another perception throughout the writings. The introduction is sooo powerful and comes as a beautiful teaching and blessing. The voices of the grandmothers are unique unto themselves. Each voice different. Each voice reaching outward in all directions to connect with various ways of hearing, listening and being. The paintings continue the parable. What a timely gift this is unto the world."

Areas Explored in Readings

  • Past life regressions
  • Light body activations
  • DNA activations: down loads of energy packets and archives to facilitate spiritual evolution
  • Activation of ascension process
  • Access to the Mirror of Magdala for resolution of duality on all planes of existence
  • Past life soul retrievals
  • Karmic clearing
  • Karmic resolution with relatives on the other side
  • Karmic resolution between physical relationships
  • Clearing of holographic entrainment
  • Crystal light body activations
  • Merkaba activations
  • DNA clearing of family lineages
  • Communication with deceased loved ones
  • Shaman journey work
  • Spiritual healings by Thirteen Grandmothers
  • Healing in lodge of White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman
  • Clearing of akashic records
  • Holographic empowerment of akashic records from the records of creation
  • Multi-dimensional journey work
  • Empowerment of soul blue print
  • Channeling of masters and guides
  • Connection to animal totems
  • Channeling of divine animal guides: channeling of ascended masters
  • I AM initiations from master realms
  • DNA activations
  • Communication with benevolent Extra Terrestrial Guides
  • Facilitation of co-operative multi-dimensional walk-ins
  • Deprogramming from government mind control
  • Removal of implants
  • Soul release from pseudo dimensions
  • Healing demonic possession
  • Arch Angel Michael and the 13 legions of Angels of redemption to release of trapped souls

Multi-Dimensional Initiations

  • Lemurian Crystal Temples
  • Solomon’s Temple
  • Temple of Isis
  • Temple of Melchizedek and Temple of St. Germaine
  • Crystal Cities of Light
  • Lodge of White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman
  • Jaguar Temple of Master Crystal Skull
  • Benevolent ET Mother Ships
  • Temples of the Ascended Masters
  • Angelic Realm
  • Other higher dimensional fields.

Reading Archives

Over the years I have archived a multitude of readings. Each time I do a reading we open archives in the Crystal Libraries of Light encoded in the crystalline DNA. Many of these archives contain information and energies from the hidden or forgotten mysteries. Some of the titles include but are not limited to: Lost Legacies of the Isis Priestesses, Lemurian Archives, Atlantean Golden Age; Ancient Secrets of Egypt; the Temple of Solomon; people in the lives of Mary Magdalene and Jesus; and Indigenous Medicine Bundles. The subjects are too numerous to recount here, but I do know each time we open an archive we activate a mystical force in the collective consciousness of the planet.

We have observed over the years that these readings carry continuity; there is a story unfolding and a mystery revealed. I do hear from my clients that often they are mystified as to the meaning of the readings, but always activated powerfully. My goal is to get a grant or funding to have editors who sign confidentiality agreements depersonalize the readings and glean the information about the secret societies and deeper mysteries.

I always ask my clients permission to archive their readings. I treat their privacy as a sacred trust. I do not have a way to contact all of them, there were hundreds. Volunteers have agreed to transcribe many of them. Sean has transcribed hundreds of such transmissions. Our intention is to compile these mystical messages for the future exploration of consciousness. There seems to be valuable information contained in these archives.