Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha

Sacred Quests, Speaking Engagements, and Gatherings

Judith in Greece, 2009

Judith is called to travel with groups to sacred sites all over the world. She has made many such journeys to the Crop Circles in the UK, Egypt, France and Scotland. The DNA of the group triggers mystical forces in the Earth, left by the ancestors or Star Relatives.

The group always has a mystical calling to activate energies, open portals, activate Star Gates, open ancient archives, read the messages left at sacred sites from the Ancient Ones. Often the group receives initiations during the journey. Judith has a unique ability to channel the sacred energies, and receives mystical messages on site. She is an oracle for ancient stones.

Judith is not a guide for your group. Everyone is responsible for their own travel arrangements and must delegate someone in their group to arrange lodging, schedules and destinations. The group in turn is encouraged to facilitate Judith’s expenses for travel. She does not charge a fee for her work with your group. She travels as one of your group and the intention is co-creation and a shared experience.

Judith's Travel Schedule