Judith K. Moore: Cosmic Messenger Through Laiolin and the Council of Abboraha


Judith guides groups through imitations to activate their light bodies, and open to the powers of Creation. This is done through group mediation, toning, and breathe work. Each workshop is a unique weaving of creative energies.

Judith is available for workshops, conferences, and speaking engagements anywhere in the world. Sponsors arrange for venue, travel, accommodations and meals. Sponsors are also responsible for all publicity and marketing materials.

Workshop fees should be practical for the area served, and Judith's payment varies according to workshop requirements. Her goals are to make her work available to all people and to manifest abundance for herself and her sponsors.

Judith prefers to stay at the homes of her sponsors to create a sense of community and become family during her visit. As a gift to the sponsor and his/her friends, she offers sacred site work and free readings.

Judith prefers to work with folks that sponsor her in their community. She loves sharing with her sponsors, many who have become very dear friends over the years. Her goal is to work with small groups and keep her work intimate, she loves being accessible to people on a heart level. Each sponsor is invited to administrate the event, set prices, announce the event, and have people sign up and register, She works with her sponsors on an individual basis

Suggested Topics for Workshops

Workshop Title:
Union, a Journey of Self Awakening

Location: Great White Whale Center

Borsbeek, Belgium
  • Description:

    We embrace all that brings us life with the intention of opening our consciousness to Union and invoke the Immortal Power of Lord Metatron. Now is the time of the beginning of a new era on earth. We are the Genesis Seeds for the new world of . Our journey as souls has brought us to a reality shift. Life as we knew it is already changed, we are different. Mystical forces have guided us on this journey of faith. The new OREAN Christ Light flows from the source of creation through Metatron and expands our reality. It penetrates old areas of distortion, healing things that could not be healed before. Now we stand in the sacred center and open our souls to embrace the light of Divine Oneness and our ascension.